4 comentarios sobre “Hoy hace 11 años del 9/11, que aconteció justo 911 dias antes que el 11/M en Madrid… un video mas… de tantos, blanco y en botella

  1. In reference to mails sent to us directly, we reply:
    The windows are bullet prove, one side mirror a 1.5 inches thick with a “no distortion plastic” in the inside; the window metal frames (iron) are of half an inch anchor (but not welded) to the cement structure. Logical security measures against a sharpshooter, but not against an incoming 757-200 or missile. The Pentagon is a military office building, not a bunker.
    We have been studying the four crashes intensively for four year now. Ourselves have been in New York helping the other “brains” in the scientific and witness’s investigations. Remember also that we are very well informed in civilian and military command, control, communications and intelligence (more than most militaries, that are only informed in what they have purchase or are using). This is because we have been the middlemen (and still are) for a lot of manufacturers and factories all around the world (never in the offensive side, always in the defense side). No weapons.
    In the investigation are included top universities Mechanic and Engineering departments of different specialties, the SIPRI organization (look SIPRI in the net), different testimonies (and the absence of them). Nobody in Washington DC saw or heard a low subsonic fling plane. Most people that witness something mention that it was a blurred elongated supersonic object and that sound was a swift. We are investigating and have not come to any conclusion, but we are publishing all over what we are doing in an effort to get more feedback. It sounds crazy that the Government would destroy two buildings, a side of the Pentagon -that was closed for repairs, (all the flours) and the plane crash or ground to air or air to air missile, in Pennsylvania country side.
    Remember that the State uses more oil (in gasoline, air kerosene, diesel and others) in two hour than the cost of everything that was destroyed (lives, not included). Of course we don´t think it was a Presidential decision, but the amounts of oil money in the Muslim countries that “money leaders” move is enormous. Maybe (we don’t know), the young Muslim patriots that commandeer the planes against the Twin Towers were just useful idiots. As far as the collision in the Pentagon and the crash on the fields of Pennsylvania, everything is very confusing. Remember that money moves almost everything (including some of our Churches).
    Remember the total destruction of Dresden six days before Berlin was taken by the Allays. Also remember the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki weeks before the end of the war (the Japanese were already sending messages of surrender before the two bombs and were using kids and adolescents as kamikaze pilots and soldier in Okinawa, the entrance door to the Big Island).
    War is a great business for a lot of extremely wealthy and unmoral people that manage oil and the manufacturing of weapons (and politics). The concern of our colleges in these investigations (that seems far from ending) thinks that Israel and the USA are the two most dangerous countries, right now. Most of us were educated in the States and we love the country as it was our own, we are not naïve; so too, the other investigators (most of them country loving Americans).

    Me gusta

  2. Respecto al video que se muestra en este blog, quería señalar un detalle que se escapa a estos novelistas, y es el siguiente: si vamos a wikipedia y visionamos las fotos oficiales del pentágono en el 11-s, comprobamos que se aprecian víctimas quemadas.
    Por lo tanto, sería lógico preguntarse: ¿si no se estrelló un avión de pasajeros en el pentágono, DONDE están los pasajeros del vuelo secuestrado?

    Me gusta

  3. Las únicas víctimas que se encontraron en el Pentágono después del impacto del 11 de setiembre del 2001, fueron los cuerpos de obreros y empleados del área en mantenimiento, que no pudieron escapar al fogonazo inicial y posteriormente al humo que invadió varios corredores de las diferentes alas de circulación y algunas oficinas. No se ha mostrado ni entregado cuerpos de ningún tripulante ni pasajero del supuesto Boeing 757-200. Tampoco se encontró debris de un aeronave tripulada, motores calcinados, ruedas y piezas de titanio. ¿Qué pasó? No se y parece que nadie quiere o puede dar una explicación coherente.

    Me gusta


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