4 comentarios sobre “Nuevo video con un movil captando la clara demolición del WTC 7 el 11 de Septiembre en Nueva York

  1. Consultados expertos de la asociación de ingenieros y arquitectos por la verdad del 11S, el video es falso. En concreto:
    The building is reversed, East Penthouse on the right instead of left. Flashes and sounds were added.
    Children making light of a tragedy. Shameful.

    Me gusta

    1. Es preferible que quitéis el enlace o decir abiertamente que es falso. Os paso más información que me ha llegado del mismo. (Quité los nombres)

      OK, you asked.
      Since I am “Mr. xxxx” (please, Ken yyyy, or better yet, just Ken), and I am “a video guy” – i.e. a lifetime career in video engineering and video production, and since I am “a CGI person” and SPFX (special effects) person, here goes:

      I agree with Wayne here, this is very likely a fake. I say “very likely” because CGI/video effects work has gotten so good in the last few decades that it is hard for even experts to tell anymore what is real and not. However there are a number of reasons to say this particular video is very likely a fake.
      1) As Wayne points out, this has been examined before, and the conclusion then was as Wayne wrote: This is the one that was decided to be a fake.

      2) In comparing this video of WTC 7 with the number of others we know of, there is nothing to confirm the size, color, brightness, or number of flashes seen in this one. Any flashes as obvious as these would have shown up in at least some of the other videos, and would have been noticed years ago.

      3) Although there were a few witnesses that claimed to have seen flashes at the Twin Towers, all three towers are noted for their overall lack of flashes as typically seen at some demolitions. And this comes as no surprise, given that these were DECEPTIVE demolitions, so it’s safe to assume there would have been some effort to minimize obvious evidence of demolition, including flashes. And that is consistent with the use of nano-thermite (and thermite and/or thermate) as perhaps the primary agents used to bring down the 3 towers – nano-thermite can be formulated to minimize both visual and auditory evidence of explosives. And thermite/thermate are not explosives at all, they are incendiaries.

      4) These “flashes” in question would have been relatively easy to fake. It would have required motion tracking, since the camera appears to be hand-held, but these days, that is easy. The “flashes” themselves are simple and generic, and somewhat suspiciously similar.

      5) It is clear that there are people out there who are trolls of various kinds, who like to ridicule, and who are willing to go to some lengths to create reason to do so.

      As for that other example that Wayne included (see below), even with that one, we should be skeptical of those more believable “flashes”, for several mostly different reasons:
      1) One “flash” is well ABOVE the falling building.

      2) There are other potential sources of those “flashes”. For example, it is almost certain that many windows broke during the demolition. Thus pieces of glass would have been falling and tumbling as they fell. The sun was still up. So pieces of glass could have reflected the sun’s light for long enough to show up in a frame of the video.

      In line with 2), ALWAYS consider other explanations for observed phenomenon. Jumping to conclusions never advised.

      I consider neither list here complete.

      Thanks for asking.

      Me gusta


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